Welcome to Omnicom Management Services -

Located in Dallas, Texas - Omnicom Management Services was formed in 1996 to provide People, Business, and Information Technology services to agencies under the Omnicom Group, Incorporated umbrella.

By providing these services, our clients are able to realize many benefits including:

   > Application of "Best Practices"
   > Cost savings through economies of scale
   > Ability to focus on core compentencies

Our Approach

At OMS, we strive to provide top quality service. The collective efforts within our organization aim to address the following crucial business areas:

FinanceFinance -
Our mission is to provide timely & useful financial services to our customers through accurate and relevant information and analysis. We also strive to maintain relationships with agency clients that promote client confidence regarding financial matters.

Human ResourcesHuman Resources -
We aim to support management in creating a work environment that is challenging, productive, and one in which people want to work. We also help in targeting the best & brightest candidates for our clients and efficiently administer a total employee benefits package that gives our agencies a competitive edge.

Information ServicesInformation Services -
Our secondary centralized research service is utilized by a number of Omnicom Companies. We provide the most current, comprehensive information available in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.

Click to learn more about IT servicesIT Management -
Geared to help our customers gain a competitive position in the marketplace and to increase their profitability by continuously improving the productivity of their people and processes through application of new technologies and cost-effective resources.