Differences between Webtime and Timepiece

  • Sort Options: Webtime allows you to select the order in which the list of jobs appears on your page. You may choose to sort your job list by:

    • Client, Product and Job codes
    • Client, Product and Job sort fields
    • Job Code
    • Job Sort field

    The page opens with your agency default setting from the Business Unit. You may change the sort setting for the current session by selecting another option from the list.

  • You can choose to display, all timesheet rows or only active rows. Click Active Only to display only rows against which time has already been entered and rows with Keep activated. You can toggle back and forth between all rows and active rows.

  • Ensure you frequently save your work. Saving will keep you from losing your work if the session times out.

  • Webtime provides a complete approval/rejection process if your agency desires to do this. A manager who is designated as a supervisor is required to approve each timesheet submitted by an employee. If the timesheet is rejected by the supervisor, the employee will receive a reject message and must fix the timesheet before resubmitting it. You cannot click on the timesheet and change the hours, but must instead enter a new row with negative hours and then another row with the new hours correcting your original entry.

  • Webtime allows you to send a delinquent timesheet message. This message includes a direct link to the web time URL address link. An employee clicking on this link within the email will be taken immediately to the web time page to enter their time.

  • Webtime allows you to keep a template of jobs on your timesheet. When a job is manually added to either a weekly or daily timesheet, the job/function now remains on the page for two weeks following the last day it is used. If not used after two weeks, it is removed from the timesheet.

    An exception to this is to check the KEEP box on the job line. Please note that if the same job appears on multiple rows, each with a different function and the KEEP box is checked, if time is not put against these job/function rows after two weeks, only one job/function row remains for each job. This row will consist of the default function or the last used function.

  • Web time does not allow you to search for a job within the timesheet.

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